June 11, 2014  |  Members Statements

Water Wise Information Campaign

Mr HOWARD  (Ballarat  East)— Last  week  the Minister  for  Environment  and Climate Change, the member for Warrandyte, came to Ballarat to launch the Winter Wise energy information campaign. In a press release, the minister said:

  The  Winter  Wise   campaign  builds  on  the  Napthine  government’s  already  substantial investment in practical energy efficiency programs and complements  the energy saver incentive scheme.

The  Victorian Energy Saver  Incentive  scheme is also  known  as the  Victorian energy  efficiency  target,  and  this  scheme,  highlighted  by the environment minister last week, was in fact abolished two weeks earlier  by the Minister for Energy and Resources, the member for Morwell.

According to  the state government website,  the energy saver  incentive scheme, helped the community  cut its power  bills and reduce greenhouse  gas emissions. The  scheme  required  energy  retailers  to  reach targets  on  reduced  energy consumption  in  homes  and  businesses  across  the  state  and  initially  saw households  assisted to replace older light globes with  newer  energy-efficient globes and  saw many other  programs established which  were  making significant progress in reducing household energy bills and reducing carbon gas emissions.

While the Minister  for  Environment and  Climate  Change was reintroducing  his latest information program,  his colleague announced the  axing of a  much  more substantial scheme. Not only does this show that this government is in disarray, with the environment minister talking up a program which  had  two weeks earlier been  cut  by  his ministerial  colleague,  it  also shows  how  this government continues to go backward in helping consumers keep their energy bills down.