June 26, 2014  |  Members Statements

Napoleons Primary School

Mr HOWARD — Members of the Napoleons Primary School community were distressed to learn that the school recently received advice that  its only  Mod 5 portable double  classroom  is  listed  for removal. The Napoleons school is a new school which was built by the Bracks government. The Mod 5 was built into the structure of the school and the  school  community  was  advised  by  department staff who assisted with the  plans that the Mod 5  would stay. I recently met  with school council president Joanne  Gilbert, and she is concerned that predictions  of the school’s future enrolments, upon  which the decision  appears  to be based,  are incorrect  and that the school’s  future enrolments are expected  to increase. I strongly urge the Minister for Education to review this decision.