September 19, 2017  |  Members statements

Magpie Primary School

MR HOWARD — Recently I attended the 160th anniversary celebrations of Magpie Primary School — a fantastic achievement for a small rural school where generations of students have begun their education. Clearly much has changed over the years, with students now learning in modern new classrooms using computers, iPads and interactive whiteboards — quite different from my school days when we had wooden desks and chalkboards and, for a short time before the advent of biros, we wrote with dip-pens and inkwells. Gone is the morning milk program where the milk, in individual bottles, sat in the sun for a while, meaning that the contents did not always taste nice. Magpie instead now runs a breakfast club funded by the Andrews government, ensuring that all students can have a great start to the school day.

I commend the work of the principal, Peter Clifton, along with all staff, school council members and the Magpie community for their efforts in seeing Magpie Primary School continuing to provide an outstanding education for its students.