October 30, 2013  |  Adjournment

Kyneton-Trentham-Springhill roads, Kyneton

Mr HOWARD (Ballarat East)— I have an issue to raise with the Minister for Roads on behalf of the residents of Springhill Road, Kyneton, who came to see me while I was doing constituent consultations in Kyneton last week. The issue they raised with me relates to Springhill Road, which intersects with the main Kyneton-Trentham Road just a short distance — less than 3 kilometres — from the Kyneton township. The residents of Springhill Road have been concerned for some time about two dips in Kyneton-Trentham Road on either side of the Springhill Road intersection. These dips mean that visibility on the approach to Springhill Road from Kyneton-Trentham Road is poor. The intersection is only a short distance from the commencement of the existing 80-kilometre-an-hour speed limit drivers encounter as their vehicles approach the Kyneton township.

Residents have been asking VicRoads for some time now to look at this intersection and, with a view to ensuring safety, move the 80-kilometre-an-hour speed limit sign 2 kilometres further out of town in order to include the Springhill Road intersection in that speed zone. There have been two major accidents at that intersection since 2009, fortunately without loss of life. The residents of Springhill Road continue to be very anxious as they turn onto Kyneton-Trentham Road from Springhill Road because they fear that drivers on the main road may run into the back of them, as has happened on one occasion. They are also concerned when they are on Kyneton-Trentham Road and have to slow down before making their turn into Springhill Road.

I ask the minister to review this matter to ascertain whether the 80-kilometre-an-hour speed limit sign could be moved beyond Springhill Road to ensure that vehicles travelling in both directions into and out of Springhill Road can do so safely and all travellers using that section of the road will be assured of greater safety. It would be a dreadful thing if, this issue having been raised, there was a more serious accident than those that have already taken place in this area.