September 3, 2013  |  Members Statements

Government Crime Policy

A significant  part of  the campaign  run by the Baillieu-Napthine coalition ahead of the last election — now nearly three years ago —  was the commitment  that a Liberal-Nationals coalition  government would reduce crime across the state by being tough on crime.  Success must be measured by  outcomes, and it is  therefore a matter of  great  concern to find that  the latest  crime figures released  by Victoria Police show  that crimes against the person in Ballarat  have increased over the  past year by more than  6 per cent. This compounds  to an increase of 38 per cent in crimes against the person since 2009-10, when this government came to  office. Sadly  drug offences  are up by a horrendous 76  per  cent since  2009-10.  This  clearly  demonstrates  that  the Napthine government’s tough-on-crime policy is a complete failure.

The  government  said it  was all  about police  numbers, and  it  said  it  had increased police  numbers. However, many of  my constituents ask me,  ‘Where are these additional  police?’. I have to tell them that because this government has cut the number of so-called ‘unimportant’  backroom  administrative  staff, more police  are  caught behind their desks  and are not available  to  be out in the community. Clearly the police would  benefit  if  their  administrative  support staff were to be re-employed.

Actions  by this government to take away positive pathways to  a future  for all young people,  including savage cuts  to  TAFE and other  training and education support,  do  not help to keep young people actively engaged in  our  community. Clearly more active drug and alcohol programs also need to be — —

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