March 12, 2014  |  Adjournment

Glenelg Highway, Linton, Speed Zone

Mr  HOWARD (Ballarat East)— I  have an issue to  raise with the Minister for Roads. I ask  him  to  take  action to have the 80-kilometre-an-hour speed limit sign  on  the Glenelg Highway, on the  eastern  approach  to  Linton,  moved  to encompass the Hewitts  Road  intersection.  This  request comes as a result of a community barbecue I held  in Linton last week where  I was pleased to meet with many residents from the  Linton area,  which come the election this year will be part of the new electorate of Buninyong. The residents were able to talk with me about a number of good things that have happened in the area, particularly under the Labor government.

They spoke in  high praise  of their member of Parliament, the member for Ripon, because  among other things they were pleased that the road  to Linton  had been widened to  include  passing  lanes in a  number  of  spots as you  move  out of Ballarat.  Previously it  could be  very slow travelling out of town if  you got behind a truck. There  are so  many other  things, ranging  from upgrades to the local  schools  in  the Smythesdale,  Scarsdale  and Linton  areas  to community facilities  such  as  the Woady  Yaloak  Equestrian Centre and  the  Ballarat to Skipton rail trail. At Linton barbecues have now  been put in place and  the old train station has been turned  into  a very attractive toilet block and historic display, so there are a lot of good things.

But  residents in the newer housing estate off Hewitts Road, just to the east of Linton — in Acacia Court, Banksia Court and that area — pointed out to me that as they approach the  turn to Hewitts Road, or turn out  as  they are coming out from their  houses onto the Glenelg Highway, they feel  that as  the traffic  in that area is moving at 100 kilometres an hour it poses a safety risk. They would like to see a turning lane created into Hewitts Road, but if that is not able to be  achieved  in  the  near  future,  at  the  very least  they would  like  the 80-kilometre-an-hour speed limit zone moved out of town.

I was pleased  that when I raised a similar issue  with the minister a couple of years back, which related to Elaine and the  southern  approach  to Elaine where the recreation reserve was outside  the  80-kilometre-an-hour  speed  zone,  the minister was able to  have  that speed sign moved  to  the southern side of  the recreation zone. I will also directly follow this matter  up  with  my  VicRoads regional office, but I hope the minister can address this matter.