November 13, 2012  |  Members Statement

Geelong-Whitehorse roads, Mount Clear: traffic management

The Whitehorse Road intersection with Geelong Road at Mount Clear has become one of Ballarat’s most congested intersections. In 2000, soon after my election as the member for Ballarat East, I was pleased to assist in having funding allocated to improve this intersection with slip lanes added to and from Whitehorse Road. However, with further development along this corridor, including the significant growth of the University of Ballarat Technology Park, the recent move of the years 7 to 10 component of Damascus College to its Mount Helen campus and the establishment of Emmaus Primary School, traffic flows have further increased, especially at the 8.30 to 9.00 a.m. peak period. 

I was pleased when the former Brumby government allocated a further $2 million in its 2010 budget to further upgrade this intersection to allow for better traffic flows. The Baillieu government was elected in November 2010, nearly two years ago, and unfortunately, despite promises to get under way with these works, action is yet to commence.

One of the issues which needed to be resolved was the acquisition of a small component of land comprising three house properties adjacent to the intersection and arrangements to allow for alternative property access. I was advised in 2010 by VicRoads that negotiations had commenced with the property owners. However, when I visited one of the property owners last week I was advised that it had been some time since they had heard from VicRoads staff and that the property issues were far from being resolved. Until such negotiations are completed no works on the redesigned intersection can get under way. I urge the Minister for Roads to take action.