August 20, 2013  |  Members Statements

Ballarat Multiculturalism

 I was pleased last week to attend  a citizenship ceremony in  Ballarat  where  another enthusiastic  group  of new  citizens  was welcomed into our community. This group included people who  have come from five continents,  with countries of origin ranging from Russia and the  UK  to  South Africa, Brazil, Brunei, China and India,  demonstrating how diverse the Ballarat community is becoming. I was delighted to talk to many of the new citizens after the ceremony and to find that they all  spoke highly  of their experiences since coming to Ballarat.

I was further encouraged on  Saturday night when I attended the Ballarat African Association’s  celebration night, an  evening where we enjoyed  African food and entertainment provided by a range of groups, including  the Victoria Police Pipe Band.

Not  surprisingly,  the night ended  with  African music and  dancing, which was enjoyed by a  diverse  group  of  attendees.  I  congratulate the members of the Ballarat  African  Association,  and  I would like to say  what  a  great  place Ballarat is and how wonderful our city’s multiculturalism is. I commend the City of Ballarat — —

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