March 6, 2013  |  Members Statements

Ballarat East electorate: government performance

I have spoken about the need to progress upgrade works on the  Ballarat-Buninyong  Road on  numerous  occasions  in the  hope  of persuading this government to treat  them as  a priority.  I pointed  out to the Minister for Roads that $2 million was allocated by the Brumby government in its last budget, and I also note  that this  government has allocated over $2 million in the last  two years towards this project.

Last year  a small amount of  work was completed to the  south of the Whitehorse Road roundabout, and a pedestrian refuge has been constructed near the Greenhill Road  intersection. However, time lines  on the upgrade  of  the Whitehorse Road roundabout continue to blow out, and  the supposedly triumphant  announcement by Mr  Ramsay, a  member for  Western Victoria Region  in the  other place,  of the letting  of a $600 000 contract adds further disappointment. Despite promises of action, even  the  land purchases  associated  with  the roundabout  are  yet to progress,  and  the  $2 million Brumby government budget allocation is yet to be expended. For  more  than two years  this government has  provided disappointing results as traffic queues continue to bank up on Geelong Road.

Those opposite have been in government for more  than two years; therefore three fire seasons have passed since its election to office, and the  Mount Clear  and Mount  Helen  communities  are still  awaiting  an  announcement  regarding  the construction of their promised fire station, which  has been identified as a key need in  the area by both  parties. Promises were made. I  urge this minister to allocate funding in this budget and ensure that this project gets — —

  The SPEAKER — Order! The member’s time has expired.