Archives: September 2017

Corrections Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2017

September 21, 2017

As we have heard from other people who have spoken on this bill, this bill focuses on two areas: essentially making our prison system safer for prisoners and for those working inside the prison system, and focusing on making our communities safer through procedures operated through the Adult Parole Board of Victoria, and also ensuring that the adult parole board has appropriate security in dealing with parolees as they make their applications for parole and as they are adjudicated upon.

Magpie Primary School

September 19, 2017

Recently I attended the 160th anniversary celebrations of Magpie Primary School — a fantastic achievement for a small rural school where generations of students have begun their education. Clearly much has changed over the years, with students now learning in modern new classrooms using computers, iPads and interactive whiteboards — quite different from my school days when we had wooden desks and chalkboards and, for a short time before the advent of biros, we wrote with dip-pens and inkwells. Gone is the morning milk program where the milk, in individual bottles, sat in the sun for a while, meaning that the contents did not always taste nice. Magpie instead now runs a breakfast club funded by the Andrews government, ensuring that all students can have a great start to the school day.

Linton Primary School

September 19, 2017

Next month I will be joining in on the community celebrations for Linton Primary School's 150th anniversary. In 1857 Linton Primary School was established on the current site as government school 880. On the weekend of 14 and 15 October the Linton community will come together with a reunion dinner for former students, with a family fun day on the Sunday. I want to commend Linton Primary School's principal, Ian Forrester, the staff and all of those at Linton for the wonderful program they provide there.

Renewable Energy (Jobs and Investment) Bill 2017

September 19, 2017

As a result of this bill and actions that this government has already taken, we see significant new investment in renewables. We have got to keep that happening to get more energy supply. The other side simply want to go back to the dark ages, deny climate change and criticise us.

Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Amendment (Real-time Prescription Monitoring) Bill 2017

September 7, 2017

As we have heard from other speakers, just in 2015, 453 people across this state died from drug overdoses. We know that that is a significantly higher figure than for the number of people who died on our roads, and most people in our community would not be aware of that. Also, when you talk about drug overdoses most people in our community would consider that that was by people who had overdosed as a result of heroin or a similar illicit drug. As we know, that is not the case. In the 2015 figures 358 people died as a result of taking a recognised pharmaceutical, and many of those were given to them on prescription.

Domestic Animals Amendment (Restricted Breed Dogs) Bill 2017

September 6, 2017

We know this is initially a matter of owners taking responsibility for their dogs and ensuring that their dogs are properly trained when they are young so that they are not likely to threaten other individuals.