Archives: November 2016

Government achievements

November 24, 2016

From day one we have been working to ensure our children get a first-class education that will lead to good jobs when they enter the workforce.

Energy Legislation Amendment (Feed-in Tariffs and Improving Safety and Markets) Bill 2016

November 23, 2016

The people on the other side of the house — the Liberals and the Nationals — will not even say the words 'climate change'. I have not heard that term used by any of them, but that is at the centre of what we are talking about.

Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute

November 10, 2016

Ballarat oncologist Professor George Kannourakis outlined the exciting opportunities for better cancer treatments being worked on at the Ballarat institute. I congratulate all involved in this great work.

My Cancer Care Record

November 10, 2016

BRICC is of course a wonderful addition to the health services offered in Ballarat. In 2010 I was pleased to join the Premier in his previous role as Minister for Health and the then federal health minister, Nicola Roxon, to announce that the federal and state Labor governments would provide $42 million and $13 million respectively to build the centre.

Housing Amendment (Victorian Housing Register and Other Matters) Bill 2016

November 10, 2016

The bill recognises the very important role of this government to support people who are looking to ensure they have ongoing housing, to ensure that people, even if they are on low incomes, are provided opportunities to have housing that is of good quality and that is secure.

Road Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2016

November 10, 2016

I trust that it will be supported by all in this house as just another measure that shows how the Andrews Labor government is working to keep people in our state moving on our roads safely, improving country roads as well as city roads and working to make all road users in this state as safe as they can possibly be.