Archives: November 2013

Creswick Woollen Mills

November 27, 2013

I was pleased to make another visit to the Creswick Woollen Mills last week. The mills in Creswick, founded in 1947 by Polish migrant Paul Ryzowy, are now the only coloured woollen spinning mills of their type remaining in Australia. Over 50 Australian mills of this type have closed in recent years, but the one in Creswick remains. It is the largest private employer in the region, employing over 30 people directly and a further 80 indirectly across Victoria through its contractors and suppliers.

Ballarat East Electorate Roads

November 27, 2013

I grieve for the people of the Ballarat East electorate over a number of issues in relation to government inaction and lost opportunities across my electorate that have occurred under this government. In particular today I grieve for the state of the roads across my electorate. The electorate of Ballarat East is a large rural and regional electorate. It starts at one end at Malmsbury and Kyneton in the Macedon Ranges; it goes through Daylesford, Trentham and Creswick in the Hepburn shire and then down through the Moorabool shire and the city of Ballarat to Meredith, Napoleons and Enfield in the Golden Plains shire. As I have travelled around my electorate over recent years I have been very concerned about the deterioration of many of the roads across the electorate.

Parks and Crown Land Legislation Amendments Bill 2013

November 26, 2013

I am pleased to add some comments with respect to the Parks and Crown Land Legislation Amendment Bill 2013, which is before the house. As we have heard from other speakers, there are several aspects to this bill. Part of it relates to the revocation of three parcels of Crown land, one of which is of particular interest to me -- the part that relates to the Ballarat West employment zone. I will start by talking about that, because as a resident of Ballarat and one of the MPs supporting the Ballarat area I think it is necessary to ensure that we keep on track with plans to build employment opportunities for Ballarat.

Mount Helen Country Fire Authority Station

November 13, 2013

The communities of Mount Helen and Mount Clear will again face another fire season without their own fire station. It is now three years since the coalition promised the station as its key election promise for the people of Mount Helen and Mount Clear. The Mount Clear-Mount Helen area was listed in the 52 high fire risk locations in Victoria in 2009, and a fire response strategy for Ballarat called the Eureka Strategy was released by the Country Fire Authority (CFA) in 2010.

Government Financial Management

November 13, 2013

What a sad and pathetic government this is. Not only can it not get a government business program through the house this week, but when its members have a chance to put forward a matter of public importance (MPI) they say, 'What a wonderful thing. Our MPI is going to be based on the fact that we have a AAA credit rating', as though this is new news. It is not new news for Victoria.