August 15, 2012

Stopping Daylesford Police Station Falling off the Liberal To-Do List

After raising the matter yesterday in Parliament once again, after raising it last August 2011, writing two letters to Peter Ryan the Police Minister and a number of media
articles, State Member Geoff Howard MP and Daylesford residents are still facing complete silence on Daylesford’s new Police Station from the Baillieu Coalition Government.

$2 million was allocated for the new Station in the 2010-11 State Budget. in May 2010, by the then Labor Government, with the preferred site close to the new Ambulance SES
headquarters also built by Labor.

Now after 20 months and so many enquiries, funding still has not been spent on the Daylesford Police Station and local residents are now asking will they ever see it from
the Baillieu Government?

The people of Daylesford deserve to see some action. They experienced unprecedented support for public infrastructure under Labor with substantial upgrade works at their Hospital, Secondary School, Ambulance and SES Stations as well as with the Hepburn Springs Bathhouse and other tourism, recreation, public housing and road infrastructure but they have seen nothing under the Baillieu Coalition Government, not even the completion of their Labor funded Police Station.

In March 2011 Liberal
Upper House member Simon Ramsay, responding to Mr Howard, stated that there
were some “Native Title considerations with the new site.”

“One year and five
months later and there is still no information about where negotiations are up
to and what is happening with the new station,” said Mr Howard.

Daylesford residents
are waiting for an announcement of the appointment of a building contractor.

Mr Howard has once
again asked Mr Ryan the Police Minister to clarify what is happening.

 “The people of Daylesford and Hepburn deserve
some answers and more importantly should see action.  The construction of the new Police Station
should be underway.”