May 6, 2014

Only One Project for New Buninyong Electorate in Napthine Budget

Member for Ballarat East, Geoff Howard MP, noted that the Napthine Governments Budget contains only one capital project for the new electorate of Buninyong to be established after the Nov 2014 election.

“Just $1.2 billion out of a total spend of $27 billion has been allocated to infrastructure works in Regional Victoria, this represents just 4% of the total Victorian infrastructure spend.

“This is extremely disappointing,” said Mr Howard.

“For the fourth year no school in the current Ballarat East electorate has received any upgrade funding, no funding for any plan to create jobs in Regional Victoria and only one capital project funded in the new electorate of Buninyong,” he said.

The only capital project funded in the new Buninyong Electorate is the Rowsley Rail loop and parking at the Ballan station which is not expected to be completed until 2016.

The Rowsley rail loop replaces the broken promise to build a rail loop and a second rail platform with pedestrian flyover at the Ballan station.

Four years later the government has advised it will no longer deliver on the 2010 promise and will instead complete this alternative project in 2016.

The budget papers also show that only $2.5 Million of the $4.5 Million promised in 2010 to upgrade Main Road through Mt Clear and Mt Helen will have been spent by the end of this financial year.  

Members of the Phoenix P12 Community College in Sebastopol will also be very disappointed to see that no funding is allocated to its Stage 3 reconstruction plans in the government’s four year budget.

“After three and half years of neglect desperate Denis Napthine is trying to con Regional Victorians,” said Mr Howard.

The big ticket projects such as the East-West Link receive very little funding in the budget for the next financial year and are noted for completion in 2020 and the so called Metro Rail tunnel is listed for completion in 2024.

“This is not a good budget. It tries to divert attention away from the issues that matter to the people of our region including funding improvement in our Health, Education and Training programs.”

“It is a cynical budget from a government desperate try to divert attention away from the inaction of its 3 1/2 years of inadequate government,” Mr Howard said.