March 12, 2013

Napthine TAFE Announcement no Source for Joy

Geoff Howard MP, State Member for Ballarat East said that today’s announcement from Premier Napthine about additional TAFE funding is not a source of joy to any TAFE students.

The details of today’s announcements are that the Government will “provide up to $200 million, over the next four years to support proposals for structural adjustment and business transformation for TAFE institutes that have limited resources.”

“It is, in short, an incentive scheme to force TAFEs into amalgamating or into closing campuses” Mr Howard said.

Given that the funding is for institutes with limited resources it is quite possible that the
University of Ballarat as a well-resourced dual sector University would not be able to apply for any of this funding made available.

“This funding won’t do a thing to help the thousands of sacked TAFE staff, and the tens of
thousands of students who have seen their course disappear or their fees go through the roof,” Mr Howard said.

“Put simply, today’s announcement doesn’t address the damage caused by the $300 million annual cut announced in last year’s Budget.

“This isn’t supporting TAFE – this is the Napthine government walking away from TAFE.”

Today’s announcement is not an about turn by the Napthine Government. Instead it is simply the provision of funding to finalise the Baillieu TAFE course closures in Victoria.

Part of the announcement transferring property titles to institutions will allow them to
re-invest proceeds of sales of infrastructure. This will act as an incentive for further campus closures and TAFE asset sales which will lock out the opportunity to grow TAFE in the future.