November 14, 2013

Napthine Government Loses control of Parliament

Geoff Howard MP, State Member for Ballarat East, returned to his electorate office early today after the State Parliament was adjourned without enacting any business for the day.

“The Napthine Government failed to gain majority support for its government business program at the start of the Parliamentary week when Geoff Shaw voted against the
program advising that he no confidence in the speaker,” Mr Howard reported.

“Despite it being clear that Mr Smith, the government’s appointee as speaker no longer had the majority support of the house, he did not resign in line with Westminster,
democratic principles and instead twice suspended the house before adjourning
it until November 26th.”

“This is unprecedented in this State and means that without the majority support of the Parliament, including Mr Shaw, the Napthine government is not able to govern.”

“I don’t know where this will end but it is clear that the Napthine government is in disarray,” advised Mr Howard “and I am now back in the electorate following up on
electorate issues until Parliament resumes.”

Actual Hansard extract of Mr Shaw’s comments, along with the Speakers comment, made on Tuesday before he voted against the Government Business Program:

Mr SHAW – “I have been pretty patient for three years and, as a newbie, I have
seen the way Parliament runs. I think Parliament is being degraded by people in
this place, by the opposition, but mostly by the person who runs it in their
position of Speaker.”

The SPEAKER – “Order! The member for Frankston knows I have ruled this motion out
of order. The member can debate the government business program which is before
the house. The motion the member is referring to, put by the member for Bendigo
East, is not part of that discussion.”

Mr SHAW – “– I will just leave
it at that — that I have no confidence in the Speaker at this particular — –“