October 14, 2014


State Member for Ballarat East, Geoff Howard today said he was alarmed by the findings of the state’s Auditor-General that the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) is consistently failing to meet its emergency ambulance dispatch standards.

“This report is an indictment on the Napthine government, revealing that ambulance emergency dispatch standards have not been met for three years,” Mr Howard said.

“Our hard-working paramedics and Triple-0 call centre staff, including those working out of Mt Helen are critical to the protection of our community.

“In an emergency there is not a second to spare but this report has found that just 75% of code 1 calls in rural Victoria are being dispatched within the allotted time-frame.

“Local families can’t be expected to wait for an emergency response when their loved ones need critical care.

“Denis Napthine needs to end his war on our paramedics and concentrate on giving our
emergency services the support they need to protect our community.

“After four years of the Liberal government taking us from one crisis to the next,
local people facing an emergency cannot afford a government that’s willing to
put their lives at risk.”