December 12, 2013

Napoleons School Still Without School Crossing

Geoff Howard MP, State Member for Ballarat East today visited Napoleons to inspect developments in the road crossing on the Ballarat Colac Road outside the school.

A new school was built at Napoleons under the former Labor government and although a path has been constructed along the busy Ballarat Colac Road to a crossing point opposite the school the crossing has not been formally constructed as a flagged school crossing.

The issue was raised with Mr Howard in March of this year when parents at the school, after unsuccessfully following up the matter with Golden Plains Shire and VicRoads, presented him with a petition containing 299 signatures to forward to the roads Minister.

The school parents have requested flashing 40 km/h signage ahead of the crossing point and want improved visibility of the crossing along with improvements to the footpaths leading to the crossing.

After forwarding the petition to Roads Minister Terry Mulder, Mr Howard received a letter from the Minister advising that as the road at Napoleons did not carry more than 10,000 vehicles per day it was ineligible to gain flashing school speed signs and that the crossing did not meet VicRoads guidelines for an upgrade.

Inquiries with Golden Plains Shire have also met with limited support.

Mr Howard advised that he believed that the school community concerns were reasonable as much of the Ballarat Colac Road carried a 100 km speed limit and there was a tendency for traffic, including heavy vehicles to enter the Napoleons speed zone at excessive speeds.

“This is clearly a dangerous crossing where maximum protection needs to be provided.”

“Electronic flashing speed signs which are in place at many other schools would improve safety and give parents of the school’s students a greater confidence in the safety of the crossing,” Mr Howard said.

“The school now has over 100 students and with a great school with new facilities the school community deserves a safer school crossing.”

“I will continue to advocate for common sense to prevail and for the Napoleons school community to gain the sensible safety measures they seek,” Mr Howard advised.

Mr Howard advised that he would also be visiting the Buninyong crossing on the Midlands Hwy where the school community had also been denied requests for flashing speed signs.

“The Buninyong hill is also a case for increased safety which I have also pursued with the Roads Minister without success.”