September 19, 2014


Victorian Labor will establish the Canadian State Park in Ballarat, protecting Eastern Ballarat’s forested skyline forever.

Mr Andrews joined Member for Ballarat East, Geoff Howard, to announce the good news to locals.

 Labor will ensure that former plantation land can be brought back to public use and be rehabilitated. The park will belong to the community, open for local recreational use and tourism.

 The new State Park will contain walking and mountain bike trails and picnic facilities.

Quotes attributable to Mr Andrews


“We’ll establish this State Park and give it back to the people of Ballarat.”

“This forest has massive value to Ballarat both in providing a green eastern skyline and as an important natural resource. You can’t put a price on this forest.”

“Families in Ballarat will be walking, riding and picnicking here for generations.”

Quotes attributable to Mr Howard

“We’ll heal the landscape, protect the wildlife and open the doors to locals.”

“This will become a fantastic nature based recreation resource which will be used by so many local residents as well as attracting many tourism opportunities for the Region.

“Under Labor Canadian State Park will always be safe from development.”

Key Facts

  • The Canadian State Forest is a 629 hectare area of crown land on the eastern edge of Ballarat. This includes 311 hectares of former plantation land.
  • In 2011 East Gippsland Logging Pty Ltd, began the divesture of the plantation land back to the State Government. This has involved the clearing of plantation trees and stump removal – consequently much of the land is bare, at risk of erosion, fly-tipping and weed infestation.
  • Since 2012, Friends of the Canadian Corridor have been campaigning for the creation of the Canadian State Park to protect and enhance Ballarat’s eastern forested skyline, to open it up to the community and to protect local wildlife.