November 25, 2014


Buninyong Labor Candidate Geoff Howard has teamed with Ballarat YCW Harriers to support 5 local kids to participate in athletics this summer.

Sudanese Australian boys Dojoik Dojoik, Deng Lual, Lunyjock Nien and brothers Koang and Muoch Wuordol had been participating in track and field with the YCW Harriers for the start of the season, however after 3 meets it is a requirement for participants to register.

The registration fees were going to be difficult for the boys families to meet and on behalf of the boys and YCW Harriers, Mr Gerry Skene approached Mr Howard to assist in keeping the boys on track.

Quotes attributed to Mr Howard

‘Sporting clubs play a critical role in generating social inclusion, creating a sense of belonging and building stronger local communities. I was very happy to assist in this matter when I was approached.

‘I am pleased to be able to assist these young athletes to participate.

Quotes attributed to Mr Skene

‘We knew these young athletes needed assistance to continuecoming along to Llanberris and it’s great that Mr Howard welcomed us when we approached him.

‘I knew of Geoff’s large involvement with the Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council and as soon as I suggested assisting the boys he came on board.

Quotes attributed to Sean Mahar – President of YCW Harriers

‘The boys are having a great time participating and it will be great to see them to continue to participate this summer.

Key facts

YCW Harriers is the largest athletics club in regional Victoria, with over 400 junior and 100 senior members.