February 24, 2012

Geoff Howard Welcomes Overdue Creswick Roundabout Works

State Member for Ballarat East, Geoff Howard MP, welcomes tentative progress on the Creswick Roundabout after more than a year of Baillieu Government inaction. 

 Large flashing signs recently erected near the intersection are informing motorists that work will commence on the 27th of February.

 In July last year Mr Howard called on the Baillieu Government to commence work on the project as a matter of priority.

 “Following the tragic fatality, three years ago of a young boy at this intersection I sought support from the former Brumby Labor Government to make this intersection more safe.” said Mr Howard.

 “I was very pleased when, in October 2010 I was advised that $530,000 had been allocated to construct a roundabout at this dangerous intersection and, like many Creswick residents was relieved to know that construction of the roundabout would greatly improve safety at this intersection.”

 “The very busy intersection is at the bottom of a dip which can see traffic travelling faster than is safe when approaching. The roundabout will slow traffic down and make turning safer,” said Mr Howard.

After the change of Government in November 2010 the project stalled in the Baillieu Government paralysis that has swept the state, grinding vital safety and infrastructure programs to a halt.

 “When this project was announced in October 2010 it was supposed to be completed before July 2011 in that fiscal year.”

 “I remain committed to reducing road trauma and making sure that loved ones arrive live, I remain committed to this project in Creswick,” Mr Howard said.

 “Although the project might cause some minor disruption and delay during the construction phase, I am pleased that this dangerous intersection will be much safer in future for residents and visitors to Creswick alike.”