April 30, 2012

Ballarat East Budget 2012 – Call for Baillieu Action

Fencing and a set of memorial gates for the Buninyong Botanical Gardens is a welcome addition to the Buninyong community.  These were provided with funding assistance of $50,000 from the Baillieu Government.  To the people of Ballarat and central Victoria however, these gates and fences stand as a stark reminder that they are the only construction project delivered by Mr Baillieu in the Ballarat region in nearly 18 months of Government.

Stretching from Meredith and Enfield to Kyneton and encompassing Ballan, Daylesford, Creswick and the Southern part of Ballarat CBD – the Electorate of Ballarat East encompasses many communities who have seen nothing from the Baillieu Government since the November 2010 election.

From the frantic pace of twenty two school rebuilds and refurbishments, road upgrades, community hall upgrades, new police stations, new fire stations, sports and recreation facilities and streetscape projects of the previous Labor government, the last 18 months of
the Baillieu Government has been remarkable because of its lack of action.

Sadly many of the communities of the electorate have only been aware of the Baillieu Coalition Government when cuts to services have been announced; the loss of public transport services, funding cuts to their local school, the loss of childcare places and
the local support services they relied on wound back.

Where Regional Victoria saw a decade of growth and jobs under Labor, all that the Baillieu Coalition Government have shown regional Victorians is cutting services and slashing jobs.

With the May Budget handed down this week, I remind Mr Baillieu and the Liberal National Government of their raft of promises for action before the last election, few of which they have delivered and more of which they have subsequently walked away from

The outcome of Baillieu’s inaction has been a big drop in confidence in Regional Victoria with the subsequent loss of thousands of jobs and the shrinking of our regional

Where regional Victoria should be looking towards continuing growth and a bright future, we are currently lost in the apathy and pessimism of the Baillieu Coalition Government.