February 13, 2013

Baillieu is not Working for Victorian Jobs

Victoria’s unemployment rate is 6.1%, up from 5.6% last month. This last time
it was higher than 6.0% was over three years ago.

There were 30,500 fewer Victorians employed this month – and two-thirds of those jobs
lost were full-time;

This is equivalent to almost 1000 fewer Victorians in work each day in January. NSW had more than an extra 250 people employed each day.

Our youth unemployment rate is a staggering 20.9%, compared to the 17.8% nation-wide – higher than every jurisdiction exceptTasmania.

Victoria once led the nation on the jobs front. Now our unemployment rate is alarmingly above the national rate of 5.4%, and our unemployment rate is among the
:  NSW is 5.1%; Queensland is 5.5%; SA is 6.1%; WA is 4.0%; Tas is 7.8%.

Only Labor will fight for Victorians’ jobs.

On Baillieu’s watch, thousands of Victorian workers have lost their jobs, businesses have closed-up shop and our state is falling behind.

Government infrastructure investment actually fell 3.0%, despite increases in Commonwealth investment.

Victoria’s economic growth is stagnating at just 2.3% in 2011-12, well below our average 2.9% over the past 10 years and behind NSW (2.4%), Queensland (4%) and WA (6.7%).

Labor will return Victoria to an economic powerhouse by creating jobs for Victorian families, investing in skills and training and providing an infrastructure pipeline.