November 5, 2012

Action Overdue On Whitehorse Road Roundabout

Geoff Howard MP, State Member for Ballarat East, today made another urgent call to the Baillieu Government to get on with works to the Ballarat Buninyong Road particularly on the Whitehorse Road roundabout. 

Mr. Howard said that for the last two years, since the Baillieu government was elected he has regularly called for the government to progress these important roadworks. 

“$2 million was allocated for works on the Whitehorse Road intersection by the former Brumby Labor Government in 2010 and it still has not been spent” Mr Howard said. 

“Soon after the election of the Baillieu government in November 2010 I wrote to transport Minister Mulder to urge him to treat this project as a priority but despite promises the works are yet to start on the intersection upgrade.” 

“Works are progressing more slowly than cars caught up in the regular peak hour congestion on this major arterial road” Mr Howard added. 

Mr Howard said that these important Whitehorse Road intersection works are yet another monument to the inaction of the first two years of this Baillieu government.  He also cited other projects including the Ballarat Hospital Helipad and the Mt Clear/ Mt Helen fire station as further examples of promised projects which were lagging. 

“Not only have these important promised projects not progressed but no school in the Ballarat East electorate has received any capital upgrade works, nor have we seen any grants made available to progress community sporting facilities or community halls as was regularly the case under Labor. Instead we have seen massive cuts to the VicRoads, education and human services budgets seeing major job cuts and losses of programs, most notably in TAFE.” 

“Too much time has already been lost.” said Mr Howard “ Mr Baillieu and Roads Minister Terry Mulder need to act on theWhitehorse Roadworks, the helipad and so many other works. 

“Ted Baillieu has been asleep at the wheel. We deserve more from this government.”