Constituent Services

As your State Member of Parliament, I am here to work for you; I can assist with anything relating to the Victorian Government and provide you with information and advice.

I would also love to know what you think are the most crucial and important issues facing us today, both in your local community and Victoria.

Ways that Geoff can help you

Geoff Can:

  • Raise issues in parliament
  • Promote issues within government
  • Contact appropriate Ministers and departments
  • Recommend a service that can help
  • Assist community organisations
  • Provide advice and assistance
  • Advocate on your behalf with representatives from other levels of government

What To Do:

If there is an issue affecting you or others you need to:

  • Telephone, write, email or make an appointment to see Geoff.
  • Gather relevant information and work out what you want to say.
  • Clearly describe your issue or the information you are looking for.

Your suggestion can lead to improvements in your local area.

Make democracy work for you…

Choosing which level of government can best assist:

There are three distinct levels of Government—Local, State and Federal each with their own responsibilities.

Federal: immigration, pensions and benefits, foreign affairs, foreign trade, defence and taxation.

State: schools, hospitals, health services, public housing, public transport, roads, consumer affairs, police, child protection, disability services, occupational health and safety, planning, environmental protection.

Local: building permits and regulations, local roads and footpaths, parks and sporting facilities, garbage collection and recycling, health inspection, maternal and child health, senior citizens centres, neighbourhood houses and community centres.